Included in Our Development Sessions

Our weekly development sessions allow players of all ability levels to book on as an individual and be part of a group to work on a specific part of the game.

Our development sessions ratios are kept to a minimum so players are always actively involved & engaged.

This then allows us to deliver training sessions to a high energy level with added levels of technical detail and healthy competition.

Our coaches can also deliver more tactical details within the sessions to help stretch the player’s overall knowledge of the game.

Our development sessions make a perfect fit for any player that wishes to improve and work on certain areas of their game weekly so they can then learn it, master it, and use it within their game.

Shooting & finishing

Our shooting & finishing development sessions are about teaching & learning different techniques on how to connect with the ball. We cover different techniques of striking the ball over varied distances, as well as looking into the different scenarios that players face when trying to score goals.

These sessions run alongside our goalkeeper development sessions so we are then able to use the techniques learnt against a goalkeeper to enhance our players decision making and technique around shooting & finishing

Goalkeeper Development

In many team environments, goalkeepers can find themselves without an assigned goalkeeper coach to help them with their skills and develop their game understanding.

This results in players in this position going without ever being taught the fundamentals of goalkeeping. This session offers small group & development sessions for all goalkeepers who are looking for extra work away from their teams.

Attacking & Defending

Our attacking and defending football development session is a structured training session designed to improve both offensive and defensive skills in football.

During these sessions, players focus on enhancing their abilities in two key aspects of the game.


In the attacking phase, players work on their ability to create goal-scoring opportunities. This includes improving their dribbling, passing, and shooting techniques. Coaches often incorporate drills that emphasize ball control, quick decision-making, and teamwork to create effective attacking plays. Players also learn how to exploit spaces, make runs, and coordinate with their teammates to break down the opposing defense and score goals.


The defensive phase of the session aims to enhance players’ skills in preventing the opposing team from scoring. It includes exercises that teach players how to mark opponents, tackle effectively, and maintain a solid defensive shape. Players learn to anticipate the movements of their opponents and how to intercept passes, clear the ball, and protect their own goal.

These training sessions typically involve a combination of individual and team-based drills and often incorporate realistic game scenarios to simulate match situations. They provide players with a well-rounded understanding of both offensive and defensive aspects of the game, helping them become more versatile and effective players.

Game Based Development Session

Our game based development sessions are designed to give players the opportunity to play weekly in the Roll With It Football Coaching way.

These sessions include:
– Ball Mastery – Technical aspects of dribbling, turning, passing, striking
– Movement (Speed & Agility)
– Attacking & Defending 1v1 / 2v2 / 3V3
– Small sided games / game based scenarios

These sessions are aimed at players who wish to progress with their footballing journey and develop a better technical and tactical understanding of the game.

Girls Only Sessions

We have a real passion for female football having worked at the professional elite level of the game.

We realise that female football is on the rise & want to help inspire the next generation of female football players & coaches.

We are able to provide girls the opportunity to play regardless of their ability, background or age.

We create an inclusive environment that allows girls to increase their confidence, self-esteem and develop their skills.

11-14 Performance Session

These sessions are aimed at both outfield & goalkeepers aged between 11-14 years old who are serious about their development & wish to progress with their footballing journey.

This small group session will give players of these age groups a chance to develop a better technical and tactical understanding of the game with other like minded players.

With the use of our skilled and qualified coaching staff, our way of delivering and coaching syllabus along with the environment set, our objective is to motivate, inspire and challenge each individual to progress and give them their desired outcome, resulting in them being more confident with their overall game and performance.

What People Are Saying About Us

“Alfie loved his one2one session with Ben. He came back so happy and eager to practice his new skills. We also left with some advice moving forward, which was excellent! Thank you so much for a fantastic session, it’s been really helpful. We very much look forward to the next”


“My son Thomas had some goalkeeper coaching with Phil and he absolutely loved it. You can tell that Phil is highly experienced and is just great with the kids. The whole RollWithItFootball set up is brilliant; Ben has done a great job and is clearly a top level coach. Thomas can’t wait to go back and he is already becoming an accomplished keeper at 10 years old. Having tried others, we think it’s the best in the area now, if not Surrey.”


I loved it! Ben taught me how to do a really powerful shot. He helped me with passing and how to move quickly on the pitch. Can I go again?”